Mzungu wane Terminology

If you travelled to SA and manged to visit Randburg, the place where you will find many Malawians especially on Sundays, you wouldn't be surprised of this terminology. "Mzungu wane wanipasa TV, Mzungu wane wanipa Bedi, Mzungu wane waukapo, Mzungu wane... Mzungu wane", They say it with great pride, mainly guys who work in the gardens of white people.

We are not trying to insult anyone here but to let people know how the word Mzungu wane is proudly used in SA.  

I bet, in the picture above, all the black people you see are Malawians. If you think it's a joke! Please visit the place. They call this place 'pa buriji'.

randburg mzunguwane