SABMA PODCAST LAUNCHES- aiming to promote South Africa based Malawian artists

.. more music , interviews and lifestyle issues will be covered.

Fiinally, the best 2019 present for South African Based Malawian Artists and all Malawians in south africa is here.  SABMA Malawi is launching its PODCAST this year to promote Malawian artists as well as be a hub of  entertainment for SA based Malawians.

Speaking to SABMA Online,  Piet Senyolo,  Public Relations Manager  of M-AV Solutions a company  behind the production of  SABMA Podcast, confirmed that the deal between SABMA and M-AV solutions has been sealed to come up with content, produce, market  as well as distribute SABMA Podcasts across South Africa as well as  Malawi.

The first edition of the podcast will be available for download end of January, thereafter each and every fortnight.

Content will include: interviews, Music Premier, social talks, news, announcements,  music reviews and turn up feature where you will be updated on entertainment happening around you.

SABMA Podcast is brainchild of SABMA Online Radio and will be going live every weekend.

SABMA Online Radio can be contacted on: 011 056 9125.