Thukezi drops ‘anti- albino killing’ tune

SA based malawian up and coming ragga dance hall artist Hastings Ngwira aka Thukezi, has dropped a hit song against the infamous albino killings happenning back home.

Stop Killing Us

Stop Killing Us

Albinos are living in fear of being killed in Malawi, where their body parts are increasingly being sold for use in traditional rituals that promise to deliver wealth and power.

devastated with Albino killings : Thukezi

”its sad that fellow Malawians can stoop so low and do that barbaric act  in a country  fondly known as a God fearing nation. It pains so much so had to put my thoughts in the song.

The track  done in tumbuka language, was  recorded at DaJ Math Studios SA, produced by  Josh La in Johannesburg.

One of the lines in a four verse track goes like :’ Kuno ma Albino wakwenda pasi kufuma ku cosmo mpaka ku soweto, usiku na muhanya uwo, kwambula kukomeka”,  literally meaning Albinos here in south africa  walks freely from cosmo to soweto without being killed.

Listen or download the track by following this link:


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