Will entertainment industry bounce back soon?

.... No shows, concerts, COVID-19 in action!


Its been over 2 months  since South Africa went into lock down.  The rainbow country, which had one of the most strict lockdown regulations in the world, has now allowed citizens to start exercising outside their homes and go to places of worship. However music shows / concerts are still not permitted. 

The question is: how are south africa based malawian artists surviving during this hectic time?

The answers are quiet close and predictable, none of  SA based Malawian artists puts bread and butter on a table through music. However, music shows helps such artists  raise extra money .

Speaking to SABMA Online,  DJ Bonchox Chirwa, a top selling multi genres artist, acknowledged the effect of COVID-19 to the industry. '' I just released my new album, though i have tried to promote it online, the response is much lower compared to promoting during live shows, we hope things will get better soon so we can start tours again''.

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...before COVID -19 Era - Movie Night set up ( Pic Courtesy of : M-AV Solutions )

...before COVID -19 Era - Movie Night set up ( Pic Courtesy of : M-AV Solutions )

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